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Introduction To Revisiting DSA (Data Structure and Algorithm)

Rajesh Berwal
April 17th, 2020 · 1 min read

What is data strucutre and why it is so important

You are thinking now why should I learn complicated stuff if there is no use of it in my life? And why companies ask questions on data structure and algorithms?

As a beginner, we avoid data structure because it seems to be complicated. Data Structure doesn’t mean some type of fixed syntax. It’s all about organizing data in a better form that we can perform a task to extract information from it in an efficient way. Data structures are used to store, manipulate and arrange data.

A data structure is the key part of an algorithm and algorithms are used to solve a real-world problem.

Some Data Structure Advatange:

  1. Memory Efficiency
  2. Reusability
  3. Abstraction

“Data Strucure and Algorithms are not language specific.”

What is Revisiting DSA Series

We have seen that most of the developers learn different programming languages, frameworks, and libraries but they don’t focus on their data structure skills and we have already talked about why data structure is important.

So, I decided to revisit the data structure and share the knowledge that I’m gaining from it.

Revisiting Data Structure and Algorithms is 30 days of series in which we will share DSA content every day on this blog with a full explanation. And in this series, we will start from basic and all the codes will be available on GitHub repo in Javascript, Python, C++. And the repository is open for change and update if anyone wants to do it.

So, how Revisiting DSA works

Revisiting DSA is a community-powered series and we started to help make our community better.

follow the given steps to be part of our community

  1. Visit our blog daily for the next part of the series.
  2. Use hashtag #revisitingdsa and share your daily progress with the community.
  3. Add your name to Revisiting DSA repo.

If you want to contribute to DSA repo. Then visit the given link and also share our articles with others and help them to learn. The links are given below.

So want to contribute to this series then follow the given link of the Github repository.

Revisting DSA

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